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SAS HD1 Wheel Clamp in Plastic Case

SAS HD1 Wheel Clamp in Plastic Case

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The HD1 Wheel clamp is a versatile wheel clamp designed to fit Steel Wheels with 10-15″ rims and 110-195mm tyre widths.

Insurance approved SAS Wheel clamp.

Maximum wheel nut diameter 25mm (other options are available if your wheel nut diameter is larger), 3 sizes of extension tube are available (an extra) for wider wheels with deep (inset) rims, to allow the wheel clamp to cover one wheel bolt correctly.

One-piece wheel clamp that covers a wheel nut, wraps around the wheel and locks securely. This wheel clamp boasts of a high security steel encased lock and twin locking mechanism for maximum security.

Painted bright red for maximum visual deterrent.

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