Car Servicing, Repairs & MOTs

Car Servicing 

At Jayray Vehicle Solutions we service all vehicles to the manufacturers recommended servicing schedules, including vehicles within the warranty period.
Regular car servicing can help to extend the life of your vehicle as well as reducing the risk of breakdown & the cost of repairs. A well-maintained car can also benefit from improved performance and better fuel economy.
Vehicles serviced with us will receive a 50-point checklist to clearly identify all that has been carried out within the service.

Tracking/4-wheel alignment

 Tracking your vehicle can help improve the handling as well as prolonging the life of tyres. Over time, components on the vehicle will start to wear, causing movement, allowing the tracking to be out of alignment. As the rolling resistance increases, miles per gallon decreases. 4-wheel alignment ensures all your wheels are set correctly including caster, camber and tow.

Diagnostic Testing

Our fully trained technicians can report on diagnostic faults using specialist equipment. Diagnostic equipment helps us to identify problems, whether it be losing power, an engine warning light that is on or failed its MOT. By looking further into the computer on board the vehicle, we can identify faults within the engine management, ABS system, air conditioning, air bag and emissions etc.  

Air Conditioning

Most vehicles are now fitted with air conditioning. To keep this working at its best it is recommended that you service the air conditioning system regularly.
A well maintained air conditioning system has many benefits, including fresh filtered air year round, removal of pollen and keeping the air dry and comfortable in the wet winter months.
Using ultra-violet dye, we can identify any leaks within the air conditioning system

Class 4, 5 & 7 MOT

MOTs are a legal requirement on vehicles 3 years old and older in the UK to ensure your vehicle meets the road safety& environmental standards. We test class 4,5 & 7 vehicles on site at Jayray Vehicle Solutions.
An MOT consists of checks on the lights, brakes, emissions, safety belts, windscreen wipers and other safety aspects of the vehicle.