Choosing the right Cheval Liberté Horse Trailer

What size trailer does my horse need? 

With so many different horse trailers, styles, and travel configurations, sometimes trying to decide which trailer is right for you and your horse can be a mind-boggling decision to make.

Firstly. you need to consider how many horses/ponies you are going to be regularly transporting. If you only have one horse, and no plans to transport it with a companion, then a single horse trailer is very economical on space and fuel consumption. Clearly it is the lightest weight horse trailer making it easier to tow and maneuver.

A single trailer will also offer a wider stall width than that of a double trailer or two horse trailer, making it an ideal option for a larger horse or a mare with foal at foot. Having the extra space also works well for adding or removing travel boots within the trailer.

If you are looking to travel with two horses, then the options increase. The most popular configuration is forward facing however there is also an herringbone option, both with their own advantages. The forward facing horse trailers tend to have slightly longer fixed stall areas with 2 options now being the Touring Country and the Touring XL, both have very similar features with the XL being able to take up to 17.2hh horses, the Tourign Country 16.2hh. They have the option of a tack locker being fitted from factory. However the Maxi trailers with the herringbone or diagonal configuration have telescopic partitions. Telescopic partitions give you the flexibility to easily alter the width and length of the stalls. The Maxi trailers come with a larger tack room as standard. The Maxi range accommodates 2 horses up to 4 ponies/3 horses depending on model.
We offer the Cheval Liberté Maxi 2, Maxi 3 and Maxi 4 horse trailers for sale. Our newest addition to the market is the Cheval Liberté Maxi Living Horse Trailer.

Another option to consider with a forward facing 2 horse trailer, is to remove the partitions and utilise a full breast bar. This will give the horse more room to choose their preferred travelling position. This is also a great solution for horses who are reluctant to enter the trailer and cause problems when loading or travelling as the horse will feel less claustrophobic. It also enables more room within the trailer for tacking up - which is particularly useful on a wet and windy day! This would only be recommended whilst transporting a single horse to avoid any injuries whilst travelling. 

If you are unsure what size/model Cheval Liberté Horse Trailer is right for you then speak to our team and we can help find the perfect trailer for you and your horse!