What is the best horse trailer?

A frequently asked question and one that you need to ensure is answered correctly before transporting your loved one. 

Ultimately to be the best horse trailer a few key items need to be met, as a minimum.


Comfort for the horse.


Here we will go into more detail of the above, highlighting the importance of each. 

First and foremost is safety. Your horse(s) safety cannot have a price tag put on it. Aluminium floors offer a safe base for a trailer, these still need checking at each service but they are strong, durable and are a much safer choice than a timber floor, something that we advise against due to its rotting properties. 

The walls of the trailer are equally as important to be solid, much like the floor aluminium and timber walls are both on the market, we would recommend going for aluminium where possible. Polyester reinforced walls are also a good option alongside aluminium. 


Secondly is comfort for your horse(s). When transporting your horse(s) it is vital they are comfortable to reduce fatigue on arrival and reduce sweating. These are helped with features such as good suspension, good airflow and side padding. Just like us in the car, your horse(s) don't want a journey of discomfort, so a trailer that has being designed around your horse is always a strong choice. A well designed suspension system such as Pullman 2 plays a key roll in your horses journey in a trailer, good suspension is not only going to be smoother and easier on your horses joints, but also travel quite and stress the horse(s). Multiple opening windows and ventilation is great for all horses, especially those that are naturally sweaty during transit. 


Next is reliability. Where ever you are, a break down is the last thing you want to occur, especially with horses.  The chance of this problem is small and can be further reduced by having a regularly serviced trailer. We recommend annual serving for your trailer, you can also check items before journeys such as tyres, lights and visual checks on items such as breakaway cable and hitch to ensure confidence when towing. 


For a trailer that not only convers all the above but goes far beyond all these expectations is the Cheval Liberte range of trailers. Backed up by Jayray's service team means we can keep your trailer safe for the road for years to come. 

Speak to our team to find a trailer to suit your horse and you.

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