Single or twin axle box trailer?

Single or twin axle box trailer?

The frequently asked question...

This ultimately depends on what you're planning on using the trailer for.

The main differences from single axle to twin axle are GVW/Payload and stability. 

GVW of single axle box trailers vary, but are normally between 750kg and 1300kg. 750kg are usually unbraked and 1300kg are usually braked. 

Debon Box trailers that are single axle vary between a traditional solid axle and market leading Pullman 2 suspension, ensuring a smooth ride.

Twin axle box trailer GVW vary more, usually between 2000kg up to 3500kg. These offer a higher payload, normally more room inside and greater stability & smoother ride. 

Debon Box trailers that are twin axle all have Pullman 2 suspension as standard.

Single axle trailers are generally easier to manoeuvre alone. However, if you are looking at a twin axle trailer and wanting the ease of manoeuvrability, at Jayray we were one of the first companies to organise for a Motormover to be fitted to a Debon box trailer for one of our customers, this service is available at an additional charge.

If you're unsure which option would work best for you, contact our team of trailer specialists who can help find the right option for you. 

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